About Us

Visionary's belief is simple: Optimum promotion of health and responsible management of chronic disease is dependent upon on a health care system that is capable of reaching all Americans and integrating personal health care with population based public health.  Our goals support this fundamental belief:

  • Provide and promote quality services for all beneficiaries, while placing special emphasis on the underserved populations, our nation’s veterans, and the veterans’ families.
  • Provide resources that actively motivate, engage, and support the provider in effectively managing the patient’s chronic medical conditions through the integration of medical treatment with supportive technologies and lifestyle changes.
  • Develop and deliver interventions to high-risk populations that are affordable, practical, and accessible at both the provider and beneficiary level.
  • Resolve health care challenges by forging strategic partnerships with those who are passionately committed to the delivery of quality care.

The core of what Visionary stands for is passion, respect, and dedication. Passion for the work, respect for our clients, and dedication to improving the lives of the beneficiaries who are aided by our services. We take immense pride in displaying these values in every endeavor Visionary undertakes, as well as conducting our business with class, dignity, and unparalleled compassion:

  • Vision – All requirements, challenges and solutions are viewed with objectivity.
  • Honesty – Honesty, integrity and professionalism underscore all of our endeavors. 
  • Reliability – Our focus is on consistently exceeding client expectations, starting with the basics of time management, and ending with the delivery of quality deliverables that are on time, and on budget. 
  • Respect – Is at the foundation of each undertaking, beginning with our clients, the beneficiaries of their services, and our collaborative partners. 
  • Passion – It is an honor and a privilege to support our clients by helping them resolve their challenges. Our intense desire to be part of the solution fuels our dedication and commitment. 
  • Commitment – We work in total partnership with our clients. Your stakes are our stakes. 
  • Quality – Personal and professional reputations are priceless. We preserve ours by delivering quality service with the highest level of accountability.



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