Team Visionary at the 2022 MCCCF VIP Golf Tournament

November 11, 2022

The Montgomery County Chamber Community Foundation (MCCCF) Veteran Institute for Procurement (VIP) recently held the 15th annual edition of the MCCCF VIP Golf tournament, an event both supported and celebrated by our nation’s veteran-owned business community.

This unique Golfing extravaganza with its unique twists at every turn (or hole), was deemed a grand success by organizers, supporters and participants alike. Visionary Consulting Partners (VCP), LLC. was one of the many veteran-owned businesses that not only supported but actively participated in the event, represented by a 3-member team led by Senior Vice President, Wayne Evans.

Asked for his comments after the occasion, Mr. Evans quipped: “This is the most fun we’ve had in a long, long time – and boy have we deserved it!” – a clear allusion to the interminable period of the pandemic-induced restrictions we’ve all suffered through.

“On a more serious note,” Mr. Evans continued “we are always happy to support any event organized by the VIP – which has long supported and empowered the veteran-owned business community as a whole.”

“We are particularly proud of our association with the VIP, both as a student company of the VIP – having completed two programs of study, and later as a part of the elite VIP team of instructor staff – which was a huge honor.” he concluded.

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